Boat Storage at Short's Marine


To compliment our many other services, we offer one of the  largest dry storage facilities on the Delmarva Peninsula. Our total storage capacity is well over 1000 boats and gives you the ability to store your boat outside in one of 3 convenient locations around the Oak Orchard area. Or, if you prefer inside storage, we have more than enough room. With our recent expansion, we have almost doubled our available inside storage. All of our storage facilities are fenced in, lighted, locked and secured when no one is around, helping to insure your boat's safety, and giving you peace of mind.

We try to go the extra mile when it comes to storage. Not only can you store your boat all year round, but if you have a trailer and no place to keep it, we have summer storage for trailers available at our main location - so anytime we're open, you can pick up, or drop off your trailer. Since we are only closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving Day, chances are good that we'll be here when you need access to your boat or trailer.

All of this service should come at a premium. However, our customers tell us we are the lowest priced place - not just in town - but in the tri-state area. We will store any type of boat, trailer or PWC, of any length, for $98 per season. Summer storage runs form Memorial Day to Labor Day, and winter storage from Labor Day back to Memorial Day.

Any boat, I/O, Outboard, Sail Boat, dinghy, Jet Boat, it doesn't matter. Any size, 18' ski boat, 27' Pontoon, or 36' Yacht - only $98 for the season.

If you don't have a trailer, we offer storage on blocks in our yards (or inside) as well as the ability to haul and launch most any boat up to 30' in length.

For more information, or to reserve your spot for the season, contact us today or fill out our online Boat Storage Request form.