Bennington Boats

Their Start
When Bennington started in 1997, they had a vision for their company that included a commitment to continuously improve product quality and quality of life...for their customers, their employees, their suppliers and their dealers. Today they are just as committed to their goals as they were when they wrote their vision statement 15 years ago.

No Compromise
They know there are some things you cannot compromise, and knowing that their customers are their best asset is among them. At Bennington, customer satisfaction is a must and they won't compromise the quality that their customers expect. Through word of mouth, dock talk, and the recommendations of friends and family, Bennington has grown to become the most respected name in the pontoon business.

Where They Are Today
Through hard work, belief in their team and constant innovation Bennington has been honored with more quality and satisfaction awards than any pontoon maker in the industry. THey start each and every day with a management meeting that includes their president and CEO, lead engineer, lead designer, lead production director and lead personnel from their sales and customer service departments. With the exception of the holidays, they haven't missed one in 15 years. That's dedication. That's who they are.