Scout Boats

Scout Boats are the best performing and most fuel efficient boats on the water. Period. Their gas-saving hulls (like the NuV3 and Air Assist hulls) are coupled with state-of-the-art outboard engine advancements. These award winning designs contribute to the best strength-to-weight ratio of any boats on the market. Below are a few of Scout's innovations in boat-building.

  • Revolutionary T-top/glass enclosure ¿ awarded a U.S. Design Patent, has a leaner, modern, sexy look and structure is far superior in strength to regular circular tubing.
  • Reverse-shoebox hull/deck design, which increases overall hull strength and prevents water from penetrating through the hull/deck joint in rough conditions.
  • Air-Assist three piece hull decreases time to plane and vastly improves overall handling characteristics with the added benefit of increased fuel economy.
  • NuV3 hull design offers unmatched fuel efficiency and the softest, driest ride in its class without sacrificing performance.
  • Stepped Hull Technology ¿ reduces the hull's wetted surface and creates lift, making for a faster, dryer and better performing boat requiring less horsepower and increased fuel savings.
  • Scout Strata-Mount" is an advanced engine mounting system on select models which allows for the natural stresses and torque of the engine to be spread out over the entire hull, increasing strength, durability and performance.

These innovations combined with a passion for building world-class boats is what makes a Scout a Scout.